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Having worked in architecture offices as both a Project Designer and an Illustrator, Elizabeth has experience on both sides of the illustration process.  Sometimes the task is to take technical drawings and turn them into a captivating image.  Sometimes, the task is to take early design concepts or a rough sketch and create a vision of possibility.  Elizabeth understands that the design process can still be fluid and therefore the illustration process must be flexible.  She involves her clients throughout the entire process, leaving opportunities for comments and adjustments to the drawings at the end of each step.  Below is an example project and the steps to a completed rendering. 

Case Study: Texas Hill Country Ranch
Designed by Michael G. Imber Architects
Information Gathering and Proposal

A rendering begins as a conversation with the client to discuss schedule, expectations for the rendering, and the general design of the project.  The client provides project information such as a site plan, elevations, sketches, site photos, design precedent photos, etc.  After reviewing the drawings, I will submit a proposal and fee for the completed watercolor.

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