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Elizabeth M. LaDuke, Architectural Illustrations is a rendering studio serving architects, developers, and graphic designers. Elizabeth provides both extensive architectural knowledge and artistic talent while collaborating with her clients to create the imagery that brings their designs to life. 

From the time she was little, Elizabeth wanted to be an artist when she grew up.   As she entered college at the University of Notre Dame, her love for drawing led her to pursue a career in architecture.  The School of Architecture at Notre Dame, which is known for its commitment to traditional architecture, was a perfect fit for Elizabeth.  In addition to the classical architectural curriculum, her studies included sketching, drawing, and Beaux Arts watercolor presentation.  She earned her Bachelor of Architecture with Honors in 2003.  


After graduating from Notre Dame, Elizabeth joined Cline Design Associates in Raleigh, North Carolina where she worked as a Project Designer and finished her architectural internship.  She later moved to San Antonio, Texas to join Michael G. Imber, Architects as Project Designer.  In 2010 she completed the ARE and became a Registered Architect in Texas.   


In 2010, Elizabeth’s family was faced with a cross country move to Tacoma, WA.  She took the opportunity to focus on her artistic talents by pursuing a career in architectural illustration.  She began her freelance work with architecture firms where she had previously worked.  Over the past 7 years, her client base has grown, and she continues to find joy in the artistry of architectural illustration.  Elizabeth is thankful for a business that has allowed her to continue to work with old friends and colleagues despite being in different parts of the country.  She currently lives in Colorado Springs with her husband, a Physician Assistant in the Army, their nine year old son, and six year old twin girls.

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